Kaisa Peltomäki

Kaisa is a nature lover through and through. Her backgrounds are in economics but she has photographed through all of her life, first as a hobby and then as an event photographer. After joining Finnature, she has focused more and more on nature photography.

Kaisa is the co-owner and managing director of Finnature since 2015. She has strong experience as an EU project manager and in regional marketing projects. While she mostly stays behind the scenes, at times you can find her leading Finnature’s photography tours!

Kaisa’s photos can be seen at on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

Jari Peltomäki

Jari is the founder and co-owner of Finnature Oy Ltd. He is a professional wildlife photographer whose images have been awarded in numerous international photo competitions. He has also judged many of the international wildlife photography competitions. Jari is the author of several bird and wildlife books and articles, and his images have been used in magazines and books worldwide.

Jari is an Olympus visionary and a passionate bird photographer. He is always ready for new adventures! His extensive photo material from Finland and abroad represents all wildlife and landscapes. Jari leads most of Finnature’s photography tours abroad and wintery Hokkaido is his favorite destination.

Jari’s photos can be seen at: